Our phased expansion to
sapphire growth.

Our phased expansion to sapphire growth.

Alpha HPA’s ultra-high purity alumina tablets, together with Ebner-Fametec’s proprietary crystal growth technology, have enabled Alpha Sapphire the opportunity to produce synthetic sapphire glass. Together, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves as the world’s most sustainable, premium supplier of HPA and sapphire boule to the LED and optics markets.

We're well on our way.

Gladstone, Queensland

Our first phase of this collaboration is our investment in the purchase, installation and commissioning of an initial 2 x growth units. Delivery of the units to Alpha HPA’s Gladstone-based HPA First Project is expected in March 2024, with sapphire qualification anticipated by July 2024.

Phase one utilises Alpha HPA's high-density sintered HPA tablets as feedstock for synthetic sapphire production at the same site.

Phase one is set to produce approximately 7 metric tonnes of synthetic sapphire per year, allowing us to provide large-scale qualification samples and facilitate small-scale sales. The growth units will operate 24/7, powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and be supported by Alpha HPA’s existing workforce of 34 locally employed full time staff.
Queensland, Australia

The second phase, subject to successful implementation of the first phase, contemplates an expansion to up to 100 growth units by the end of financial year 2026 in two further stages.

Funding has been secured for phase two production by Queensland Critical Minerals and Battery Technology Fund (QCMBTF), allowing Alpha Sapphire to finalise commercial terms on site location and energy provision.
Queensland, Australia

The Nova Phase contemplates an additional large-scale expansion of the Australia based sapphire growth purchase construction, installation and operation of up to an additional 1,000 synthetic sapphire growth units.

It is anticipated that Alpha Sapphire will become a significant customer of the HPA First Project in Gladstone, Queensland. Should Alpha Sapphire scale to reach Nova Phase (1,000 units), the business will consume between 3,000 and 4,000 tonnes of HPA per annum.

Pioneers in sustainability through partnerships and innovation.

With sustainability at the heart of our mission, we utilise 100% renewable energy at our operations in Queensland, Australia. With exclusive access to Alpha HPA’s innovative processing technology, Alpha Sapphire is completely dedicated to producing the world's most sustainable, low-carbon synthetic sapphire.