Alpha Sapphire is an Australian based company who are committed to sustainable synthetic sapphire.

Alpha Sapphire is a company of Alpha HPA – a publicly listed, Australian-based company which has commercialised the world’s first adoption of the solvent extraction (SX) purification technique to aluminium to produce a growing range of ultra-high purity aluminium materials.

In partnership with Ebner-Fametec and their next-generation crystal growth technology, Alpha HPA's sustainable, ultra-high purity alumina tablets have paved the way for Alpha Sapphire to enter the world of synthetic sapphire glass production. Our joint mission is to solidify our position as the global leader in sustainable, high-quality HPA and sapphire supply for the LED and optics industries.

The Alpha Sapphire story is one of cutting-edge advancements and a commitment to providing green, energy-efficient solutions to meet the growing demands of high technology markets.

Introducing the
HPA First Project from Alpha HPA.

Introducing the HPA First Project from Alpha HPA.

Alpha Sapphire is proud to introduce Alpha HPA’s Gladstone-based HPA First Project, a pioneering endeavour that showcases their proprietary licensed solvent extraction and HPA refining technology.

This disruptive, low-carbon process allows them to extract and purify aluminium from industrial feedstock, resulting in the production of 4N (>99.99% purity) and 5N (>99.999% purity) aluminium materials. These high-purity materials find their way into high-tech markets, including semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries, and LED lighting.

Ebner-Fametec growth units use 100% renewable energy.

About Ebner-Fametec's sustainable
crystal growth

We're proud to collaborate with Ebner-Fametec, a private Austrian-based subsidiary of the Ebner Group, dedicated to pioneering crystal growth technology. Fametec's McSAP (Multi c-Axis Sapphire) method represents over a decade of R&D investment, totalling more than €20 million. This revolutionary crystal growth process achieves a remarkable ~60% utilisation of the crystal ingot, far surpassing the industry standard of ~35-40% for A-axis crystals.

What's truly groundbreaking is the ~50% power savings achieved per kilogram of utilised crystal. This impressive power efficiency, combined with greater utilisation per crystal boule and the growth of multiple boules per production run, contributes to a substantially lower carbon footprint compared to other crystal growth processes. Fametec's vision revolves around 'green' sapphire, grown using 100% sustainable energy sources, offering energy-efficient, high-quality sapphire substrates at a competitive price.

Ebner Industrieofenbau GmbH (‘Ebner’) Group, our partner in this endeavour, boasts over 70 years of expertise in industrial furnace design and construction. With a global presence and a history of innovation in LED and semiconductor materials since 2005, Ebner is a natural fit for this groundbreaking project. Their technology employs optical scanning to create a unique 'digital twin' of each sapphire boule, ensuring maximised utilisation during wafering.